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Altezzoso Leather Gloves
Altezzoso is a luxury accessory brand that carries the spirit of the 1960s, presses the limits of imagination and is the specialized of leather. Striking design principle, high quality standards and labor-oriented work make the brand a fortunate position.
Altezzoso, which has been taking care to safeguard its retro spirit inspired since the day it was established, consists of styles that boldly masquerade and feminine lines with a modern-day touch in its collections. Years of experience and enthusiasm for innovation make it possible for the production of premium gloves, a refined reflection of Turkish and Italian gloves. Using the amazing charm of colors to the max and providing sophisticated, trendy and remarkable devices, Altezzoso provides an unique experience to its clients.
Altezzoso, who takes his enthusiasm from the Mediterranean and his name from the Italian word "haughty"; It was established in 2013 by the brand name supervisor Ceyhun Pak to preserve visual perfects rather than monetary issues and to continue the glove tradition gave from generation to generation. The brand changed its items into an artwork with the involvement of Aybüke Pak Öğünmez, her sis designer and Tamer Arslantürk, glove craftsman. The iconic Altezzoso symbol, which symbolizes excellence and craftsmanship, with an eagle type named as Tavsancil, which is the stamp of Yıldız Han Boyu that the family comes from, is at the top of every style, from leather glove designs to devices, while intending excellence in the light of visual development.
Superior item quality, special style understanding and first-hand workmanship that offer significance to information resulted in the birth of the legend of Altezzoso. Although the family business, which is strongly attached to its roots, started its adventure as a leather products brand in 2013, it is based on a small glove workshop by Dimitri Usta, whose foundation lies in Şişli. Raised by Dimitri Usta, who got training in glove at Paris Academy, the most well-known leather glove artist of Istanbul in the 60s, Altezzoso was the beginning of the standard glove art. Altezzoso, which has three of the hundred old-fashioned glove masters all over the world, has been producing glove collections of famous fashion brands and

fashion homes with centuries-old traditional approaches without compromising high quality and standards.
Altezzoso, where the labor felt in every corner of its items satisfies extraordinary imagination; Turkey's referred to as the most ambitious brand and manufacturer of leather gloves is right till the end.

Selecting a work uniform for those in hazardous trades is a complex and involved procedure, needing comprehensive consideration of the different elements that make up a safe attire that is also practical and suitable for the work. An important part of any work uniform Additional resources should be an excellent quality pair of leather gloves. No matter the nature of your work, leather gloves can provide a necessary barrier between rough elements and your hands, permitting you to prevent injury and damage to your hands and wrists without compromising grip and usability. This can, at times be a challenging balance to strike, which is frequently a consider discouraging workmen from using gloves at all. However, offered the numerous benefits all round of using quality leather gloves, there are lots of reasons why this mindset is changing, among both employers and staff members alike.

Leather gloves can primarily be viewed as a protective tool to prevent cuts, splinters and chemical spillages. An excellent quality pair of gloves can help stay out the hand-specific injuries that can occur through numerous harmful jobs. In addition to that, they can be a great method to avoid the risks of operating in cold environments, or using sharp executes, providing a protective layer against the hand which can assist deflect any pending accidents from triggering injury. The hard exterior of the leather is created specifically to safeguard the hand, for that reason in any tasks that might cause skin or digit damage, leather gloves provide a vital initial layer of safety for the worker.

Quality leather gloves should also allow increased grip without hindering the movement of the hand. This ought to mean that using the gloves really brings an advantage, as would definitely hold true in some trades where bring and lifting types a fundamental part of the work. When selecting a pair of leather gloves for safety reasons, it is very important to attempt them on initially from a grip viewpoint along with from a protective angle. By trying out the gripping homes ahead of time, you can avoid really losing grip when it matters most, and you can help ensure that the gloves you do wind up choosing can provide you with the best of both worlds in regards to grip and defense in the office.

Leather gloves are obviously a crucial product of safety workwear in markets like building and woodwork. On top of that, they can likewise work in regards to dealing with harmful or unpredictable substances to avoid skin damage or inflammation. All in all, a great quality set of leather gloves can provide a necessary security layer in between the hands and fingers and the risks that surround them in the workplace, and making sure crushing and severance accidents are less regular and less major if they do occur. Such is the nature of numerous employments, making use of leather gloves can provide a real security net for the worker, assisting keep you safe and out of damages method while you work.

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